STE Communications

We offer a complete line-up of telephone services and features.  No matter how big or small, we can offer a solution that keeps you in contact with those that matter to you most.  We offer both business and home services, with a track record of great customer service.

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Steelville Long Distance

Steelville Long Distance has many products to offer, including long distance rates and toll-free numbers.

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STE Skitter

Skitter TV is now available.  It is an affordable Internet based TV solution.  No longer do you have to worry about clouds or sweeping the snow off of your dish.  With our multi-room solutions, you can enjoy a more reliable service.  Please click to read more about our Skitter TV solutions.

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STE Rural Development

STE Rural Development, a subsidiary of Steelville Telephone Exchange, Inc. operates Mill Spring Estates, Oak Ridge Estates, Timber Glen Estates, Hickory Ridge Estates, Heritage Woods Estates, and Forest View Estates. Six real estate developments in the Steelville area.


Mill Springs Estates Plat
Oak Ridge Estates Plat
Timber Glen Estates Plat
Hickory Ridge Estates Plat

STE Security Systems

We are now offering full home and business security systems.  These systems are tailored to your needs with a very affordable monthly rate.  There are several options available, including carbon monoxide, smoke, heat, and freeze sensors.  Not only can you have piece of mind, but you may be eligible for a discount on your home insurance.